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Parolin USA - Transatlantic journey


Welcome to Parolin USA, your exclusive importer of the renowned Italian karting brand, Parolin. We are bringing Parolin's racing products to the United States, creating a bridge between Europe and North America deeply passionate about motorsports.
At Parolin USA, we take great pride in our role as the exclusive importer of Parolin's karting products for the United States. Our mission is not just about distributing these high-quality racing components but also about strengthening the karting community and supporting aspiring racers across the nation.
Importing the Best: Our partnership with Parolin in Europe allows us to bring the best of Italian craftsmanship and innovation to American soil. We meticulously select and import a wide range of karting components, including chassis and all the racing parts, all designed to meet the demanding needs of competitive karting.
Global Expertise: Europe has a rich history in motorsports, and the Parolin factory is no exception. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of karting, our partnership with the factory in Italy ensures that we have access to the latest technologies and developments in the karting world. This global expertise allows us to provide American karting enthusiasts with cutting-edge products.
At Parolin USA, we're not just importing karting parts; we're fueling the dreams of American racers and building a stronger karting community that reaches across the Atlantic.
Supporting Aspiring Racers: Our commitment extends beyond just importing products; we're passionate about nurturing the talents of young racers in the United States. 



Join the Parolin USA adventure and open the door to an incredible opportunity: the chance to race on the legendary circuits of France! 


Through our Parolin USA Travel Program, we offer opportunities for racing teams with young drivers to excel and compete on the international stage. The connection between the American and French karting communities is a key aspect of this endeavor. 


By fostering collaboration and competition, we're enabling American drivers to gain experience on some of the most iconic European circuits, particularly in France. 


One of our most exciting initiatives is our exclusive travel program, allowing young American drivers to train and compete in Europe, with a special focus on France, the cradle of Motorsports. 

American drivers have the exceptional opportunity to hone their skills on legendary and prestigious circuits such as Paul Ricard, Le Mans, Nevers Magny-Cours (French Grand Prix), the Grand Circuit du Roussillon near Perpignan, and Pau (French Karting Grand Prix).


Le Mans, the birthplace of motorsport, is home to the International Karting Circuit of Le Mans, situated adjacent to the famous Porsche curves of the Circuit de la Sarthe. This circuit, established in 2013, has quickly become a favorite among drivers, further strengthening the connections between Europe and the United States. In 2018, it hosted the finals of the IAME International Series, following its hosting of a round of the European Championship the previous year.


At Parolin USA, we celebrate the unbreakable bond between France and the United States in the world of karting. Join us in this exciting adventure, where transatlantic friendship meets speed and competition.




We take care of all the logistical aspects so you can focus on your passion.

We handle the racing equipment on-site, establishing a direct connection with your future French racing team. 

Moreover, we take care of all your travel needs, from purchasing plane tickets to booking hotels and renting a car. We also ensure that your kart and engine are ready for action.


You're taken care of every step of the way, and everything is set up to simplify your experience in France, whether it's for an exhilarating race or a series of tests to hone your skills.

Let us guide you to the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of France's most prestigious racetracks. 

The Parolin USA adventure awaits you. Join us today and get ready to create unforgettable moments on the french tracks.

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